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User Guides:

EzzyBills Mobile App|    Tech updates|    Frequently Asked Questions|    

Accounting Software Integration:

Xero|        MYOB (AR & Essentials)|        QuickBooks Online|         NetSuite|       

Inventory and Job Management Software Integration:

simPRO|       DEAR|     Tidy|     Scoro|     Triumph ERP Airtable| and more …

File formats:

  • PDF, scans, email (attachment, hyperlinks, in-body), or
  • snap a photo with EzzyBills phone app
  • E-invoicing

How to send document to EzzyBills:

  • Use EzzyBills web portal – select files, or drag/drop files.
  • Email: to your unique EzzyBills upload address  (Option: email auto forwarding: Outlook, and Gmail)
  • Email Sync: Sync your AP email to EzzyBills (more)
  • snap a photo with EzzyBills phone app
  • E-invoicing– receive invoices from your suppliers via E-invoicing.

Business transaction types:

Paperless approval:

Customer Order Portal:

  • Your B2B customers can login and order your product  (read more)

What we automate?

Additional Workflow

It allows you to add additional step in your invoice processing system. Find out more

  • Build a new EzzyBills workflow to export files to Google Drive  – all your invoice files you upload will be saved to your google drive. More 
  • Check PO status  – check to see if PO exists and/or has been received. If not, the bill will fail to export for now and will keep checking.  More
  • Price Adjustment – unit price on each line will be adjusted up by a percentage (that is set in EzzyBills Settings). This is for converting a bill to a sale invoice with a price markup.  More
  • Enable Statement Reconciliation Workflow – if you upload a supplier statement by email, a reconciliation report will be generated. More
  • Customize Invoice (e.g. Combine Description and Discount columns.) More
  • A complete List of customer workflow tasks: login to EzzyBills, click Workflow. You will see a list of workflow tasks on the left side.
  • Invoice Price Check – check item prices on the invoice against your price list More.
  • Foreign Language – invoices that are written in foreign language will be translated to English. More
  • simPRO Job Cost – designed to allow costs to get uploaded to simPRO without having to manually create a PO. More
  • Account Split – will split a bill across multiple Accounts, items descriptions will be based on the Account Code split. More
  • Submit Approval 3rd and 4th Level – this additional approval levels can be used by users who has a lot of personnel to check or verify the invoices. More

Additional features:

EzzyBills Web Apps (via email and web portal)

Login to EzzyBills web portal, you will see a top menu “Apps”.  Currently there are 9 apps.  Find out more

  • Download History   –  Generate an Excel file of your recent Invoice History. More
  • Supplier Statement Reconciliation – Generate a report showing status of invoices in your accounting software. More