Frequently Asked Questions

(for all EzzyBills users regardless the accounting software package you are using)

To help you to find the question and the answer to it quickly, please note that 

  • User Account Management Questions: (Q1 – Q19)
  • Support and Features Questions: (Q21 – Q29)
  • Data Extraction and Intelligence Questions: (Q31 – beyond)

Also check out FAQ for specific user groups: FAQ for Xero and FAQ for MYOB and FAQ for QuickBooks
Q1. What if I forgot EzzyBills password? 

Make sure your user name is correct (it shall not contain as it is not your upload email address).

If you forget EzzyBills password, you can reset it at the login window, by click “Forgot password”. You will be asked to enter your user name and then click “Reset Password.” We will send you an email with the new password. We recommend you to change this password once you have it (click Settings, scroll to near the bottom, click “Change Password“).

If you do not get any email, maybe you forgot which email address you provided to EzzyBills. Send an email to, we will let you know.

Q2. How to change my password?  

Login EzzyBills, click Settings, scroll to near the bottom, click “Change Password“.

Q3. What is my email that I provided when signing up a new EzzyBills account

This email is used for communication between EzzyBills and you. You can view and modify it in EzzyBills Settings, under “Advanced Options“, for text box “Your Notification Email“. Your email can not be used as user name for login.

Q4. Can I change my user name and upload email address? 

Not through our web portal. If you need to make change, emails to

Q5. How to find out my subscription details, usage, expiry date and invoices?  

Login EzzyBills, click Settings, then Subscription.  Click “Show Usage” to see quota usage, or “Purchase History“.

To get a copy of the tax invoice for your subscription: Login EzzyBills, click Settings;  Click Subscription, then “Purchase History“. Click blue link “E-mail me my invoices”. All past invoices will be sent to your notification email in a zip file. Unzip or extraction files, you will see individual invoices in PDF file format.

Q6. How to pay/renew subscription?  

Login EzzyBills, click the button “Buy” on the top. You will have options to pay via credit card, or PayPal.
1) Choose a plan and click Pay With Card. Fill the detail of your credit card and pay. Or
2) scroll down the page bottom, and click the link “or pay with Paypal‘. You will also option to pay by Credit Card or Paypal (via PayPal payment gateway).
A subscription will expire after one year, or when your quota is used up (whichever comes first).
When you renew or purchase another subscription, the new subscription period restarts – from the new date of purchase.
If you want to switch from a single plan to an Enterprise Plan, email for help.
The payment gateways above are Stripe and PayPal. EzzyBills does not hold your credit cards or PayPal data at all.

Q7. How to cancel automatic subscription renew?

Login EzzyBills, click the button Settings on the top. Click Subscription to expand, and then click Cancel Billing. Your subscription auto renewal will become inactive. When your quota is used up, or one year period is reached, we will email you a notification. You can then manually renew. Please note that
1) Purchase using Stripe using credit card will have the automatic renewal feature.
2) Purchase using PayPal payment gateway does not have automatic renewal feature.

Q8. Can I delete an EzzyBills account? 

Generally no, your account will become inactive after it has passed the expiry date for the trial and no subscription is purchased. Please make sure you delete all invoices that are waiting to be processed – otherwise, EzzyBills will continue trying to process them and send you weekly status emails. For UK customers, we will delete your account if you send us a special explicit request.  More on Terms & Conditions.

Q9. What personal data do EzzyBills collect? 

EzzyBills collects the minimal amount of personal data from You, for the sole purpose of performing document processing services to You. The data we collect include user name, password, your email, and the invoices you submitted for us to process.

We also collect the minimum data from your accounting software that you authorized EzzyBills to connect to (only those relevant to invoice processing):

– Contact List (we use the data to find the matching supplier/customer for your invoices)
– Recent invoice data (we use the data for EzzyBills machine learning to find the most suitable GL codes, invoice numbers, job tracking etc.)
– GL account codes (for GL codes auto-allocation on the invoices).
– Your organisation data (to extract ABN number of your company if it is there, so that we prevent your company from being used as a supplier)

Find out more on Terms & Conditions.

Q10. What does EzzyBills export to your accounting software? 

Bills, spent money, and sale invoices and associated invoice files as attachment (and processing notes in case you use our approval process).
New suppliers and customers (extracted from your invoices)

Q11. How long the invoice data will be kept by EzzyBills? 

EzzyBills adheres to its best practice data back-up regime and accounting industries’ best practices in record keeping for a minimum of seven years.  Find out more on Terms & Conditions.

Q21. What types of invoices does EzzyBills process? 

EzzyBills can process purchase bills, receipts, sale invoices or purchase orders. They are be scanned images, PDF files, emails (attachment, in-body, hyperlinks), or photo snaps. Or  csv files, Excel, or Words.

By default all invoices and receipts will be exported to Xero as draft bills. EzzyBills settings, Exported Status, can be modified to choose “Awaiting Approval” or “Approved – Waiting for Payment”.

Q22. How to process sale invoices?

You will need to modify EzzyBills Settings ( find out how ).

Q23. Can I process receipts as Spend Money, instead of bills?

Yes, you can if you use Xero. you will need to email receipts over to EzzyBills and read this instruction link on email address to use: Spend Money .

Q24. Can I approve the invoices before EzzyBills exporting them to my accounting software?

If you need to hold off the invoices in EzzyBills and wait for your approval before sending them to your accounting software, you can do so by turn on the EzzyBills Settings – Enable Approval Workflow (we have several approval options – find out what is the most suitable approval method/option for you).


Q31. How to get correct suppliers  Find out more

Keep “Contact” data up to date in your accounting software for suppliers, with 1) a correct business number (ABN, GST, or VAT), and, for some cases when multiple suppliers have similar names,  phone number, email or bank details.

Provide My ABN/GST/VAT number in EzzyBills user settings (so that your business will not be chosen as an supplier).

Q32. What if the supplier was not read correctly and you think you have done everything in Q5?

Modify the supplier in your accounting software. And diagnose the problem so that it can be fixed next time.

1) If there is an ABN/GST/VAT on the invoice file (in clear text), go to your accounting software

–  find the wrong supplier that was used, and ensure the ABN/GST/VAT number is correctly set (not using the ABN for another supplier).

–  find the correct supplier that should be used, to make sure the ABN/GST/VAT number is correctly set too.

2) If there is not an ABN/GST/VAT on the invoice,

–  you need to make sure the supplier in your accounting software has more details to give EzzyBills more data to find a perfect match.

–  in EzzyBills Setting, you click “Refresh/Learn” before processing more invoices from the same supplier immediately.

Q33. How to obtain correct GL codes   Find out more

GL codes vary by company. We use your suppliers’ data and invoice history in your accounting software to determine GL account codes .  To have GL codes automated, you shall in your accounting software 1) keep suppliers’ contact data up to date, 2) include a ABN/GST/VAT number for each supplier, 3) provide a default GL account for purchase details, and 4) correct the GL code if it is wrong on an invoice – it will be right next time for similar invoices.

Q34. How to ensure correct invoice numbers get extracted  Find out more

We use your  suppliers’ data and invoice history in your accounting software to help find the correct invoice numbers. The success rate are generally very high. If a wrong invoice number is used, all you need to do is: correct this number in your accounting software and save. EzzyBills will do it right next time for invoices from this supplier.  more